The CCEPP links community based agencies who are funded by HRLE's Community Partners Funding. They deliver over 29 projects in the Avalon region and have come together in a collaborative that is based on shared values while respecting the diversity of each agency. The common vision of these 14 community agencies is to:

Strengthen our Career and Employment Collaboration
to Become a Cohesive Sector with a Unified Voice

The CCEPP approach is to encourage the sharing of information and professional expertise around career and employment services. This invariably enhances and improves the delivery of services to our clients/participants. Our challenge is create innovative strategies that equip people to secure and maintain employment. Clients of community agency programs face any number of barriers including lack of education, self esteem, criminal record, culture, ability, communication skills and others. The value of the CCEPP is evident in the essential nature of collaborative information exchange and a culture of shared purpose.

The goals of the collaborative are to:

Gather information to become more articulate on solutions to career and employment barriers, trends in programs, services and ways of solving common issues that arise.

Build the capacity of the career and employment sector through a sector-wide approach.

Link programs and services of the community partners from an administrative level on down to the front line staff.

Provide networking opportunities for agencies and their employees through luncheons and advisory committee and sub-committee work which help link all levels of staff within agencies from managers and front line staff.

Promote efficiencies among Community Partners by supporting agencies through professional development, information sharing, networking opportunity and research support all help avoid duplication of services and support high standards of programming.

Address employment and labour market needs by providing a process where changes in the labor market are identified and responded to collaboratively.

Act to identify systemic barriers that their clients share. The collaborative community approach is aimed at inspiring and motivating our clients to attain emotional social and economic success for themselves, their families and their communities.

Provide valuable professional development opportunities for staff. Where they are able to connect with individuals from other organizations who are doing similar work.

Undertake collaborative research opportunities to encourage innovation in the sector.

Develop new collaborative initiatives as new ideas and or challenges present themselves.

Communicate the perspective of clients/participants to funding partners and providing the unique perspective of individuals with barriers to education and or career development.