Advisory Committee

Rod Harris, John Howard Society
Jane Coombs, New Hope Community Centre, Salvation Army
Elayne Greeley, CCEPP
Eileen Kelly-Freake, Axis Career Services ANC
Hugo McCarthy, Waypoints
Rob McLennan, Stella's Circle
Tim Turner, Murphy Centre
Allyson Howse, Community Centre Alliance
Elva Harris, Advanced Education Skills & Labour
Julia Von Rhedey, Choices For Youth
Aletha Palmer, Single Parents Association of NL
Wanda Chislett, CBDC

The CCEPP Advisory Committee was created in 2008 to bring together the community agencies that are funded under the Department of Advance Education and Skills. Is comprised of many of the following agencies and projects:

Team Type: 

The CCEPP Advisory Committee is a standing committee. It provides a voice for community partners funded under AES. It provides advice and makes recommendations to the project coordinator, Elayne Greeley, to AES and to the partner agencies.

To enhance, co-ordinate and communicate within the community partners through the advisory committee.
To support the coordinator in facilitating an enhanced coordination of career and employment services on the Avalon.
To build capacity among the community partners by linking resources wherever possible.
To link programs and services through monthly meetings
To build partnerships that share resources, knowledge and opportunities
To network agencies and their employees
To promote efficiencies among CCEPP agencies
To address employment and labour market needs
To investigate the trends, challenges and best practices of employment service providers.

The scope of the committee is career and employment services within the Avalon region.


The committee exists for the advancement of the Community Career and Employment Project. It reports to AES and the Murphy Centre, who is its project sponsor.


The Advisory Committee meets once a month.


Members are expected to provide a voice and direction that represents the perspective of their agency.


This Terms of Reference is due to be reviewed January 2015.


Members are selected by their parent agency and are not bound by a yearly term. They are representatives of the above listed agencies. Membership to the CCEPP Advisory Committee is not mandatory.