Data, Evaluation & Accountability Working Group

Eileen Kelly-Freake, AXIS Career Services
Rob McClennan, Stella's Circle
Amy Percy, ARMS
Erica Norman, Choices for Youth
Sarah Mills, Stella's Circle
Aletha Palmer, SPAN

This working group consists of senior managers and executive directors interested in building the evaluation capacity of the CCEPP Community Partners.

Quarterly Activity: 
  1. Create a data dashboard that shares aggregate data of the community employment sector
  2. Help develop and promote fall ARMS training
  3. Investigate new assessment tools
  4. Broaden membership of the working group to include government sector partners


Team Type: 

Working Group

Build on the solid monitoring and assessment skills of the community agencies
Engage in collaborative data interpretation/making sense of our collaborative data
Increase the evaluation skills of community agencies and their staff
Investigate collaborative research questions
Investigate new partnerships around evaluation and accountability training

The working group makes recommendations to the Advisory Committee.


The group meets every two months.


The goals of the working group will be reviewed quarterly.