Advisory Committee

The CCEPP Advisory Committee was created in 2008 to bring together the community agencies that are funded under the Department of Advance Education and Skills. Is comprised of many of the following agencies and projects:

Community-based Research Working Group

The CBR Working Group connects community partners who are interested in research in the career and employment field. Its long term goal is to create a culture of cross-sectoral collaboration that positions the province at the leading edge of strategic learning.

  • Explore shared research questions
  • Support the development of new NLCAHR Work & Health Research Exchange Group
  • Develop a shared Exit Interview Tool for CCEPP partners
  • Investigate how partners are currently measuring effectiveness
  • Create outline for paper that outlines innovation in employment services on the Avalon
Data Mentorship Team
  • Contribute to ARMS Newsletter
  • Data session January 11, 2016


Data, Evaluation & Accountability Working Group

This working group consists of senior managers and executive directors interested in building the evaluation capacity of the CCEPP Community Partners.

  1. Create a data dashboard that shares aggregate data of the community employment sector
  2. Help develop and promote fall ARMS training
  3. Investigate new assessment tools
  4. Broaden membership of the working group to include government sector partners


Professional Development Working Committee

This committee acts as an ongoing focus group for career practitioners professional development and training. It identifies training gaps and opportunities, matches organizations who are seeking similar training initiatives and aims to raise the professionalism of career practitioners.


  • Host monthly Yakety Yak Community of Practice for Career Practitioners
  • Deliver relevant training for career practitioners


Capacity Building:

  • Investigate exsisting Core Competencies Workbook for Career Practitioners
  • Survey staff on community needs during planned community sessions.
  • Create tools for Career Practitioners binder
  • Link core competencies to training events