Professional Development Working Committee

Eileen Kelly-Freake, ANC
Sheri Abbot, ANC
Janice Henstridge, CCA
Cindy Kent, Stella's Circle
Christina Tobin, CMHA
Sondria Browne, Murphy Centre
Kathleen Murray, Avalon Employment

This committee acts as an ongoing focus group for career practitioners professional development and training. It identifies training gaps and opportunities, matches organizations who are seeking similar training initiatives and aims to raise the professionalism of career practitioners.

Quarterly Activity: 


  • Host monthly Yakety Yak Community of Practice for Career Practitioners
  • Deliver relevant training for career practitioners


Capacity Building:

  • Investigate exsisting Core Competencies Workbook for Career Practitioners
  • Survey staff on community needs during planned community sessions.
  • Create tools for Career Practitioners binder
  • Link core competencies to training events 
To identify training needs for CCEPP agencies and partners
To deliver professional development and promote life long learning within our sector
To broker shared professional training opportunities within our collaborative
To increase awareness of core competencies for career practitioners

The scope of the committee is professional development as it relates to career development and employability skills.


The committee makes recommendations to CCEPP Advisory Committee.


The committee reports to the Advisory Committee through the project coordinator.


The committee meets quarterly.

  1. Monthly community of practice for career practitioners
  2. Ongoing training opportunities in key areas
  3. Support materials/resources for training events
  4. Identifies areas of training development reports to the Advisory Committee on a monthly basis.



This Terms of Reference is due to be reviewed Fall 2015


Members for the Professional Development Working Committee are members of, but not limited to the CCEPP agencies. Members may include community, government and not-for-profit organizations. Members are not bound by a yearly term and membership on the Advisory Committee is not mandatory.