How are you doing with this years Professional Development Plan?

Jump start your Career Practitioner Portfolio. Date:  Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - 08:30 - 11:30Where: 

Murphy Centre Prince Philip Drive.(L -Block College of the North Atlantic)


This session can help you jump start your Career Practitioner Portfolio. It's perfect for all levels of professional experience and is designed for those who have a solid portfolio and those just beginning. This session follows the Standards and Guidlines of the Canadian Council for Career Development(CCCD) and will discuss core competencies, area's of specialization, ethics and upcoming training opportunities. 

The session will help you:

  1. Assess your professional competencies
  2. Plan for professional development
  3. Document your learning

Starter portfolios are available if requested. Just let Elayne know you need one. 

To register go to: