Spaces Still Available - 2-Days : Introduction to the Virtues Project™

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 09:00
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 16:00

Facilitated by Peggy Matchim & Amy Percy
Learn about the Virtues and how to use the 5 practical strategies of the Virtues Project™ in your daily life and workplace
Participants receive completion certificate

Cost: $50
To register: contact Elayne @

The Virtues Project™: Awakening the Gifts of Character
The Virtues Project™ provides five practical strategies that help us create a culture of character in our schools, workplaces and communities, raise children of compassion and idealism, and live more authentic and purposeful lives.
The strategies include using the language of the virtues in our everyday interactions; viewing key moments in our lives as learning opportunities; tools and skills for identifying and setting boundaries; honouring and developing our spiritual nature; and, a simple and most effective method of communicating with others around difficult or challenging issues.
The Virtues Project™ was founded in Canada in 1990, and:

Is an approach to bringing out the best in people, with effective strategies for helping them to recognize their character strengths and live by their highest values.

Has now been applied in more than 80 countries throughout the world by individuals, families, organizations and communities interested in taking action to create more positive relationships and more safe and nurturing environments in which to live and work
Was honoured as a model program by the United Nations, featured on the Oprah Show and endorsed by the Dalai Lama
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