Eastern Health Employment Services

The mandate of this program is to help adults with mental health and addictions issues connect to and maintain meaningful work in their community.

This is an Occupational Therapy Program consisting of an Employment Specialist (occupational therapist) and an occupational therapy support worker.

The Employment Services program assists clients with all aspects of the employment process as required, including:

  • resume and cover letter development;
  • job interview preparation and practice;
  • job search and application process;
  • identification of perceived barriers to employment and development of solutions;
  • assistance with disclosure to employers;
  • connection to other community services / resources as necessary;
  • provision of ongoing support; etc.
Core Strengths: 

The Employment Services program uses a holistic, client centered, approach to support and assist clients with goal identification and achievement.  The client is viewed as an active participant in the process, discussion and support re mental illness and / or addiction as a barrier to employment is available and knowledge and use of community services / resources is encouraged as necessary.  



Access to services requires completion of Eastern Health’s Mental Health and Addictions Services referral form from a professional support person (e.g. employment counsellor / specialist, case manager, health care worker, physician, psychiatrist, etc.) or by self-referral.

To access Eastern Health’s Mental Health and Addictions Services referral form:

1.    go to Eastern Health’s website (i.e. www.easternhealth.ca).

2.    click on the “for health professionals” tab, located in the top, right hand section of the page.

3.    select the “Eastern Health Forms and Resources”  tab at the top of the left hand column.

4.    Find the Mental Health and Addictions category and click on the Mental Health and Addictions Services Referral Form (PDF, 2013) directly underneath and open.

Contact Information
Tel: (709) 777-3405