Priorities 2011

Priority #1: Map Our Community Employment Programs & Assets
We will continue to work on identifying the assets of our community partners in order to better deliver programs and services to clients as well as to work together to identify gaps in services. 

Priority #2: Increase Opportunities For Face-to-Face Time
We will continue to deliver quality learning opportunities = face-to-face time for all levels of staff within the community agencies through mentoring, professional development and skills sharing.

Priority #3: Strengthen 2-Way Communication With Government Partners
We will continue to develop our relationship with our government funder and have purposeful conversations about how to best deliver programs and services to our clients. 

Priority #4: Address Recruitment & Retention Issues
We will investigate next steps to improve recruitment and retention for the community career and employment sector.

Priority #5: Build a Framework for Project Evaluation.
Facilitate a series of discussions at the advisory committee level to define and implement program evaluation.

Priority #6: Strengthen Our Identity & Collective Voice
Determine who our primary target audiences are for establishing a collective voice and a strong identity. This will consider both internal and external audiences, government partners, member agency staff, and the general career and employment community.