Priorities 2012-13

Priority 1:  Further Highlight Community Assets
Rationale: Through a continuously updated (“living”) asset map, CCEPP members can match participants to the right level of service. This will lead to efficiencies in a resource-restricted sector, ensuring full collaboration and limited duplication and service gaps. Knowledge of the sector resources will allow all agencies to serve participants/clients better.

Priority 2:  Collaborate on Recruitment & Retention
Rationale: The province’s labour market is drastically changing, with major industrial projects leaning heavily on the province’s workforce in the next three to five years. The CCEPP’s member organizations must prepare to sustain a qualified workforce in order to avoid the high costs, both monetary and service delivery, that come from high turnover.

Priority 3: Strengthen the CCEPP’s Collective Voice & Identity
Rationale: A strong collective voice benefits CCEPP member organizations in many aspects of their service delivery; however, it is particularly important in government communication. The work of individual CCEPP members touches many government departments and political levels; speaking as one entity can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the CCEPP’s government communication on overarching issues that impact the province’s community-based employment services.

Priority 4: Formalize Operational Procedures
Rationale: As the CCEPP grows, building a collective identity and strengthening its collaborative work, some operational tasks should become part of the Advisory Committee’s accountability structure.