The goal of Community Based Outreach is to provide one on one support to individuals interested in community resources such as employment and education programs and services. Work is done around the basic needs of the individual to insure that they have the necessary supports to take part in community based programs and services.

Citizens’ Voice

Citizens’ Voice Network is one of Vibrant Communities’ neighbourhood initiatives. It provides a solution-based discussion forum for people living with low income/poverty, bringing them together to meet on a regular basis in a sharing and supportive environment. Facilitated by Vibrant Communities’ Neighbourhood Support, Ruth MacDonald, the forum also features regular educational presentations on subjects of interest, ranging from employment skills and resume building to women and children's health.

Target Clients: 

Adults within our communities

Two Roads Career Program

Target Clients:
-People with barriers to employment/education who are interested in pursuing
career and/or academic goals.  Must be 16 years of age or older. 
-On or at risk of excessing Income Support

Outreach workers are available to meet with clients individually to identify goals and assess for eligibility for Murphy Centre and other community programs/services.  Also responsible for promotion and community development.

  • Ongoing central intake

e-Employment Career Counselling (e-ECC)

e-Employment/Career Counselling  offers convenient, quick and confidential access to employment information and services to newcomers throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. Connecting with newcomer and communities across the province through e-counselling services improves employment prospects, contributes to more successful integration and the overall economic growth of rural Newfoundland and Labrador.

Outreach & Youth Engagement

To provide as many options for support and ways for youth to get involved as possible - so that the ability to participate in positive programming and connect with staff is available to everyone, no matter what their life circumstance may be at the time. Staff work with youth to help youth identify the steps to achieve those goals and guide them through the process of getting connected to the appropriate services.

Target Clients: 

Youth living on the street in need of support.

Community Partnership - Building Employment Opportunities

Our team of 3 Employment Facilitators work out of our 5 Community Centres neighbourhoods to assist residents and the greater St. John's community in securing meaningful and sustainable employment. Our services include:

Target Clients: 


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