Pre-employment Skills

Pre-employment skills include problem solving, interpersonal skills training, goal setting etc. Programs aim to create awareness of these tools of success. These include making responsible decisions, solving problems and setting goals. This work can be delivered one on one or within a group setting including the enhancement of life skills that support success in the workplace.

e-Employment Career Counselling (e-ECC)

e-Employment/Career Counselling  offers convenient, quick and confidential access to employment information and services to newcomers throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. Connecting with newcomer and communities across the province through e-counselling services improves employment prospects, contributes to more successful integration and the overall economic growth of rural Newfoundland and Labrador.

Career Essentials

Career Essentials incorporates one on one counselling and group seminars to assist AXIS clients with preparing for the Canadian workplace.

Target Clients: 

Immigrants and refugees

Networks Job Start

Networks is a job start program designed to help newcomers identify personal career goals, develop essential skills and increase self-confidence for successful entry into the Canadian workplace. A Job Coach assists participants in their search for employment through a series of workshops and targeted online activities.

Target Clients: 

Immigrants and refugees


HOPEworks is a part-time pre-employment preparation program for individuals who have experienced serious mental health issues and who have had little or no work experience. The HOPEworks program has three phases, beginning with 12 weeks of group counselling and personal development sessions that build confidence and awareness of each individual’s employability.

Target Clients: 

Individuals who have experienced serious mental health issues and who have had little or no work experience.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings is a full time employment preparation and skills training program for adults who have experienced barriers to employment or who have had long periods of unemployment as the result of mental health issues or other events in their lives. Participants take part in learning basic life skills, communication skills, career exploration, creative workshops and job search.

SESP Single Parent Employment Support Programs

A program to assist single parents in receipt of social assistance to reenter the workforce. Participants take part in 5-6 weeks of half day classes which cover job readiness and life skills. The program runs 5 groups per year in St. John's and 4 groups in Carbonear. Start dates are mid-September, late October, mid-January, mid-March and mid- May.

Target Clients: 

Single parents on income support (for at least the past 3 months).
PLEASE NOTE: We can now accept clients on income support who have EI reachback status.

Outreach & Youth Engagement

To provide as many options for support and ways for youth to get involved as possible - so that the ability to participate in positive programming and connect with staff is available to everyone, no matter what their life circumstance may be at the time. Staff work with youth to help youth identify the steps to achieve those goals and guide them through the process of getting connected to the appropriate services.

Target Clients: 

Youth living on the street in need of support.

Career Connections

Career Connections incorporates group discussion and individualized tasks to assist newcomers with preparing for an entry-level position in their chosen field of study.

The workshop series provides practical tools and information to help Job Seekers develop the skills required for the Canadian work place and is a prerequisite for participation in the STEP and IPP programs. (Maximum of 8 participants for each group session)

Target Clients: 

Immigrants and refugees

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