Women's Programs

Community based programs for women aim to provide a full range of programs and services for women to attach to sustainable emloyment, career and skills development and further education. Programs may include essential and life skills development, mentorship, technical skills training that empower youth to make successful transitions in their lives.

Childcare Initiative

Access to good quality, affordable childcare is a very real barrier that contributes to poverty. Vibrant Communities facilitates a policy and action network around childcare and early learning to work more collaboratively around research, engaging parents, exploring innovative, community-based models for childcare, raising awareness and policy discussion.

Bethany Pretty
Neighbourhood Support - Childcare Initiative

Makin' it Work!

‘Makin’ it Work!’ Adult Education-to-Employment Initiative: A new approach to matching unemployed adults with employers who need to hire. This model is employer focused, community and neighbourhood-based and client-centered. The pilot project with Vibrant Communities, Community Centre Alliance and Fortis Properties and individuals in St. John’s proved to be quite successful.

Peggy Matchim
c/o Community Centre Alliance

(709) 237-4992

Orientation to Trades & Technology -OTT

Orientation to Trades and Technology (OTT) is a program designed to give women practical experience of natural resource based industries. OTT raises the awareness that challenging, high-paying jobs in the natural resource industries are available and attainable for women. Specifically OTT is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for women to explore trades and technology training programs. For many women, OTT can be the first step toward an exciting, new and well-paying career.

Target Clients: 

Women of all ages who: Demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in trades and technology in the natural resource industry; Possess a Newfoundland and Labrador High School Certificate or EQUIVALENT (Grade XI and up); OR Are at least 19 years old (applicant will be considered on an individual basis under the Mature Student Clause of College of the North Atlantic - applicant will need to write CAAT Test)

Start-up program for Women

Target Clients: 
Women interested in starting their own business.
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